After a hearty breakfast foraged from several nearby shops, we spent much of the day on a day trip to Yingge, which is know in English as Clay Town. It’s about an hour train ride from Taipei, and is a fairly quiet little twin with one big claim to fame: pottery. There’s an area of a couple square blocks that is one pottery store after another, primarily featuring tea sets. The pottery is generally local, or at least from Taiwan, and there’s everything from teacups for a dollar to individual teapots for many hundreds of dollars. 

A display at one of many dozens of shops

We also stumbled onto an ocarina shop (little flute-like instruments in just about any shape you can imagine). Avi got a nice plastic non-breakable one, while Mina got a ceramic cow version. Mina immediately started trying to learn to play her new instrument, and Avi was perfectly happy to fake it alongside her. 

That night, we headed to a buffet at one of the local shopping malls/department stores. Don’t let that fool you, though, it was amazing. Lots of food from around Asia, with a few plates of dessert to top everything off. 

Tomorrow: New Year’s Eve!