Pretty low key day today. We’re staying within a couple blocks of Taipei 101, which will be the centerpiece of the New Year’s festivities. As such, roads were progressively closed throughout the day in a wider and wider circle around the building, and public transit was packed. So we stayed in the area, just relaxing. Avi especially seemed to enjoy her day. She started with some video watching:

Then moved on to playing her ocarina:

That thing is definitely upside down

And wound up down the street at the park, where she got to play and watch Mina go up the climbing wall. 

Later in the day a few of us ventured into the fray around Taipei 101, doing a little shopping and getting some snacks. 

This entire floor at Taipei 101 is full of shops I can’t afford; probably why it was still fairly empty when we went shopping.

For dinner we had beef noodles from a shop that Dawin’s mom has been going to since she was a little girl. They give you fresh uncooked noodles and the sauce and you bring it home to finish the prep yourself. It was delicious, and to finish the meal we went down the street to get some shaved ice and red bean soup with mochi. 

Those of us that managed to stay awake got to see Taipei 101 lit up with fireworks and lasers at midnight. People were crowded everywhere there was an open view of the building. 

Tomorrow, we set off for the East coast.