Today pretty well revolved around food. Well, to be honest, most days of vacation end up revolving around food in some manner. 

After waking up to a very typical 7-Eleven and street vendor breakfast and slowly getting the entire family on the move, we ended up needing to eat again. This time we ended up at a fast-ish food (not really fast at all) type of restaurant that revolved around rice buns. We ended up with a combination of pork, beef, and fish fillers in a couple different kinds of buns, but it was all delicious. 

Then it was off to Mango Cha Cha. Though it’s spread to various locales overseas, Mango Cha Cha is originally a Taiwanese eatery. It’s over the top mangos. Mango ice cream and shaved ice, mango pudding, mango gelatin, mango wine, mango beer, mango liquor, the list goes on. We settled on a mango shaved ice and ice cream monstrosity to share, with a couple mango beers to wash everything down. 

We then lounged back at the condo for a bit, during which Avi showed that she wants to grow up to be just linksl like her cousin Mina by stealing all of her stuff and wearing it outside. Shoes, gloves, and hat (we made her put on her own shoes to go outside though, despite her protestations). 

To finish out the day, we took a slight detour to see the Red House, which is Taiwan’s version of the White House, before going and getting some hot pot. 

The hot pot was delightful, a mix of mild and hot broths, with all sorts of seafood, meat, vegetables, and noodles to get dropped in and cooked. All you can eat, but only for 90 minutes. I think we got our money’s worth though. 

That was it for Day 4. 

Tomorrow: the National Palace Museum.