After starting the day off with some food at the condo, we ventured forth to…….eat more food! We joined Dawin’s family for lunch at a spectacular buffet. I definitely should have grabbed some photos but was way too busy stuffing my face with food. 

We then wandered through a local mall that was apparently built buy some extremely rich guy for his daughters. It’s full of stores so expensive that no one can afford anything. Our entire time there I didn’t see a single person enter a single one of the shops. However! They had a really nice Christmas village built in the atrium, so we took a few pictures with Avi. 

After some more wandering and a sidebar for some fried chicken and squid, we reinvented at the condo. Avi was tired, so we left her in the capable hands of Dawin’s brother and father. The rest of us then marched off in the direction of a night market. 

We headed to the food section of the market, looking for something interesting to eat. After browsing the fare at hand, we settled on some dumplings and crabs, which were fried whole and you’d pop in your mouth all in one bite. 

But it wouldn’t be a night market without something weird. So a couple of us bought some chicken butts to top everything off. 

On the way home, a few of us peeled off and hit up a craft brewery, which featured exclusively beers brewed in Taiwan. Some good stuff. 

That’s another day in the books. Until tomorrow…