We find ourselves in Taiwan over the winter break once again. Only this time with a tiny child. Let the fun begin! 

First up was the flight. We kept Avi awake as much as possible leading up to the flight, and boy did it pay off. Strapped her in and she was asleep before we even left The ground, and stayed that way for half the flight. After waking up for some food and a couple hours of fun, it was back to sleep for most of the remainder of the flight. I was dreading the 15+ hour plane ride, but it was actually an easier flight than the last time even though we added a toddler. 

Thumbs up, ready for take off!

…and she’s out.

Practicing to be the next EDM DJ.

The first day was mostly comprised of the family slowly trickling into the city from the Midwest, LA, and Denmark, so not much excitement. 

Day 2, once the final stragglers joined us in Taipei, we explored some shops and malls around Taipei 101. The condo we’re staying at is only a couple blocks from the skyscraper. 

We ended up in what I’m told is a bookstore but in which I didn’t see a single book. But there was plenty of shopping to be had. 

Ultimately we broke for an early dinner at everyone’s favorite dumpling house: Din Tai  Fung. 

Much food was eaten. Avi also learned how use chopsticks, by attempting to eat mommy’s hair. 

Afterwards we wandered home, where everyone retired early. Nice start to the trip.