Today was a pretty tame day. We got up this morning at something a little closer to a normal time, since we’re finally starting to get past the jet lag. Breakfast consisted of lots of leftovers and things we picked up at the night market yesterday, along with a “rice hamburger” – a pretty straightforward item consisting of pulled barbecue beef between two patties made of sticky rice. Tasty.

We all got gussied up and headed out to the restaurant for the banquet. Dawin’s extended family and family friends, totaling about 60 people, joined us as we had a 12 course meal.

Afterwards, we headed toward the nearby SOGO department store (Taipei 101 was originally the plan, but it was quite rainy today, so we decided to postpone until we get better weather for great views). On the way, we found what must be the world’s narrowest store, or at least the world’s narrowest umbrella store. We just had to snap a picture with tiny Mina as a frame of reference.


She was the only person in the group that would have been able to walk in the store without shuffling through sideways. The store was literally the space between two neighboring buildings.

The department store was 9 floors of shopping, every floor packed with stuff, plus a basement food court (news flash: Cold Stone is apparently very popular in Taiwan. And there were soooo many people out shopping. I’d love to post a picture, but it’s generally not allowed to take photos inside stores. And this is especially true in clothing stores, as they worry you’re stealing their clothing designs. So no photos.)  Miraculously, Dawin came out of the store without purchasing a single item.

After shopping, it was time to eat again. This time we went around the corner to a place called Kao Chi, which specializes in dumplings cooked in a cast iron skillet with crispy bottoms. At this point it should be no surprise that it was excellent.

Tomorrow we’ve got more eating planned, with a buffet set up with immediate family. For now, it’s relaxation time though. See you all tomorrow.