The reception began with some amazing speeches.   My dad said his wouldn’t be long…but it was long, but the guests said it was very entertaining and as always from my dad – informational. Cassy, my matron of honor gave a very sweet speech.  The best men gave a hilarious speech on the “timeline of Brandon” from “B.C.” – before couple to “A.D” – after Dawin. It also included props.  This is when Kyle revealed to me that Brandon didn’t just happen to “bump” into me at the Relay For Life event where he asked for my phone number. I gave a speech on quotes taken from my third graders on their tips to Brandon – since they know me so well! Some of my favorites:

Dear Mr. Strelow sir, you need to recycle paper, plastic, and glass.  If you don’t Ms. Wu will be mad.

Guide to make Ms. Wu happy: 1. You should take her to Antarctica. 2. Take her to her family. 3. She loves penguins so get her penguins stuff. 4. She doesn’t like wasting paper so you should not waste paper.  P.S. Don’t take her where there’s pollution.

Get some warm stuff for Wisconsin Football season.  And if you don’t bring her to a game she is not going to be happy.

You better be a love bug and always hold her hand.  Don’t every say she’s wrong!

You have to respect Ms. Wu.  You have to trust Ms. Wu and talk.  And then you will be a good couple.

A warm-hearted speech from Brandon’s dad and a gift from the officiant and Lama ended the speeches.

The food looked beautiful and tasted amazing as well. Our cupcake tower was a hit with flavors such as creme brulee, pomegranate red velvet, chocolate salted caramel, Irish trifecta, apple crisp, and lemon raspberry. Cupcakes were from “Cupcake- a-go-go” – a stop we always make when we are in Madison.  On top of our cupcakes our dear friend and fantastic cake maker Karen, “The Cake Lady” made our modern cake. On top – penguin cake toppers…of course.

As huge Badger fans, we decided to start the dance off with a mini “5th Quarter”.  Madison football games are known for their 5th Quarter, which follows every game with a performance from the marching band and spirit squad while those still in the stadium dance along to traditional songs. During our famous “Jump Around”, guess who showed up to surprise the guests? BUCKY!!! Bucky stayed to dance with us and the very excited guests.  “Midwest Event Solutions” helped the night begin with awesome music and the guests danced the night away.
We ended the night with some night shots of State Street and the Capitol building along with some fun pictures with Bucky.  It was the most perfect day and what a whirlwind it was.  Thank you to all who were able to attend and helped us celebrate!