I was very lucky to stay at Mansion Hill the night before the wedding. It was a beautiful bed and breakfast historical home with 10 unique rooms.  Completely worth staying here!

The morning started off with Bri taking pictures of hair and make up for the girls, and our photographers met the boys at the Union Terrace for a beer. The girls then got ready at Mansion Hill, and the boys got ready at the Overture Center.  Both groups met at Mansion Hill.

Brandon and I had our first look at the bottom of the beautiful spiral staircase at Mansion Hill. I love the perspective from the top of the stairs.  The photographer also captured the tradition of the bride walking out on the red carpet. Traditionally the bride walks out of her home on a red carpet thinking of a bright future and spills a small cup of water behind her, leaving her home behind ready for her new future.

The group then took some photos together at Mansion Hill and at the Overture Center before the ceremony began.