Well, it’s been over three months since we got married, and many of you have been asking to see pictures.  Is married life any different? Our response – nope. Except now we don’t have to plan a wedding! We love our pictures and we hope you enjoy them too.  There were over 1500 pictures taken just from our photographer (after they deleted a bunch) and hundreds of others from guests at our wedding.  So you can guess we’re still overwhelmed with picking the right pictures for our wedding album.  The wedding weekend began with our rehearsal dinner at BoyFyre in Madison. You’ll notice a tray of small dishes that is fed to me by our “matchmaker” who is a close family friend. Obviously we didn’t meet because a matchmaker set us up, but by tradition, the matchmaker plays a role in the wedding by feeding the small dishes to the bride.  Each dish represents a blessing for the couple’s lives such as long life and good fortune. The dinner was delicious and ended with mini parfaits! We recommend eating at BonFyre if you’re ever in the area.

Photography was taken by Creative Look Studios.