Busy day today, with all there is to see in Pisa and Florence. We spent about 45 minutes in Pisa gawking at the leaning tower and the neighboring cathedral and baptistery before heading off to Florence.

Florence was a real whirlwind. To start with, it’s not a huge city but during the summer there’s a huge influx of tourists that make it feel like the busiest city in the universe. Dawin and I did a quick head count as we were walking around, and we came up with approximately 1 trillion people in the city today – which is pretty impressive when you consider the total number of people on planet Earth.

Per square mile, Florence probably has more to see than any city I’ve been in. There’s just so much art and history. We saw the house where Michelangelo lived, as well as the building where Leonardo Da Vinci is believed to have painted the Mona Lisa, just to name two. And the churches. Massive, gorgeous things. The Duomo especially was a true thing to behold. It’s the third largest cathedral in the world, and is decked from top to bottom with ornamentations. We also managed to find time for a couple purchases handmade out of Italian leather. And this was all before lunch.

After a late lunch of traditional Tuscan food, we went to see the Statue of David. Wow, you never realize how large the statue is until you stand next to it. After a tour of the museum housing David, it was back to the boat for a relaxing evening.

Im trying an new way of stitching photos together to allow us to upload a handful each day (see below), so let us know if this works or not (you can leave a comment from this post).

Tomorrow we get another busy day in Rome.