We finally got a chance to sleep in today, and it’s a good thing we did because we walked across an entire country today.

After grabbing brunch, we hopped on a tender that shuttled us into Monte Carlo, Monaco. Being less than one square mile in total, we were determined to see as much of the country as we could.

We started the day out climbing up to Old Monaco at the top of the cliff on the west side of the country. At the top we wandered into a cathedral and ended up seeing the tombs of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Kelly. We walked through a fun bazaar area and stumbled onto the Palace where the current Prince of Monaco lives. Plenty of amazing views to be found all around Old Monaco.

We then hiked back down to the harbor and headed around Old Monaco to the west in search of a little beach we’d heard about. We eventually walked out of Monaco and into France, where we finally found the beach. Along the way we decided that Monaco is both pedestrian friendly and not so pedestrian friendly. At crosswalks you don’t have to wait for a signal, the cars just stop for you, which is awesome, but you also have to deal with some of the narrowest sidewalks we’ve ever seen – to the point where you can’t even call them sidewalks in some places.

After returning to Monte Carlo, we strolled down the main road along the harbor, which also doubles as the final straightaway and pit row for when Monte Carlo hosts Formula 1 races.

All in all, we decided that we need to both quit our jobs, learn French, buy a boat big enough to live in, and hang out in Monaco and the French Riviera.

It was then back to the boat for dinner, followed by a movie on the top deck under the stars. Quite the day.

Tomorrow we make port in Livorno, from which we’ll head inland to explore Pisa and Florence for the day.