Yet another busy day. Back to La Boqueria for breakfast, then the Palau Nacional and a bus tour of Montjuïc (where the Olympics were held in 1992). From there we took our final walk up La Rambla back to the hotel, where we gathered our luggage and waded to the docks to board the Ruby Princess.

Fast forward 6 hours and I think all we’ve done is eat, eat, and eat. Though we did catch a great sunrise over the cast of Spain from the top deck.

You all may have noticed a distinct lack of photos in this post. We’re using the boat’s wifi, which is a bit on the slow side, so we’ll be waiting to upload photos until we find cafes and other places with wifi available in port every day. But we’ve set aside a few minutes every day to at least get some words up here so everyone knows we haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.

Alright, time’s up. Monte Carlo, Monaco tomorrow. Can’t wait. Should be some amazing photos from the ship as we pull in.