We touched down this morning and headed into the city. After stopping at the hotel, we walked directly to La Rambla, just a few blocks away.

La Rambla is a street in downtown Barcelona where the cars drive on the outside and the people walk down the middle, stopping at whatever vendor tickles their fancy. There’s also a fountain at the north end of the street, and it’s said that if you drink from the fountains you’re destined to come back to Barcelona at some point. Needless to say, we didn’t waste any time drinking from the fountain.


We headed to the bottom of the street and saw the Christopher Columbus statue, which we hope to hit up again tomorrow, since it sounds like you can take a elevator to the top.


We eventually grabbed lunch at a little restaurant right on La Rambla. Tapas an paella, yum!


And we were off and running once again, this time weaving through the gothic section of Barcelona, with it’s tiny streets and centuries-old buildings.



After a quick snack of churros with hot chocolate to try and keep us awake a bit longer, we waited in this line for an hour to get into the Pablo Picasso museum.


The wait was totally worth it, but those pesky Spaniards didn’t want us taking photos inside the museum so you’ll have to settle for this photo of Dawin outside the museum.


We set out after the museum to find a restaurant that had been recommended to us, and after walking right by it a half dozen times without realizing it we finally found the place…and it was closed. Bummer. However, that allowed us to try a pintxo bar that we’d walked by several times as well. There were little single serve pintxos (like mini tapas, often on bread) lined up along the length of the bar, and we were able to just pluck what we wanted, as you can see below. It was awesome.




And so, short on sleep, long on walking, and with full bellies, we’re calling it a night.

¡Hasta mañana!